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Eminent Canadians in many fields

“Our landscape is our lifeblood,” Canadian author Peter. C. Newman writes in Ottawa photographer Malak’s 1995 pictorial book, Canada: The Land That Shapes Us.

“Being Canadian means paying heed to the country’s seasonal rhythms, turning our inner ear to the land’s music.”

But to understand the land that has shaped generations is to know its people. The pursuit of excellence is part of the Canadian psyche. Canadians have been celebrated for their accomplishments. Sometimes, their contributions have changed the world.

We have won Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, including the prestigious Peace Prize. Our entertainers have been awarded Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and Tonys. Our athletes have brought gold home from the Olympics.

Canadians have held senior positions internationally in the worlds of business and academia as well as with the United Nations.

Canadian imagination and ingenuity brought the world insulin, the Canadarm, basketball, the snowmobile, Pablum and Harlequin romances.

Whether in scientific laboratories or within the halls of academia, Canada has proven to be fertile ground to nurture genius and pursue excellence.

In whatever endeavours they pursue, Canadians are forward-thinking achievers who serve as an inspiration at home and abroad.


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