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Are You Ready to Study in Canada?
Do you know many general facts about Canada?

In everyday conversation, Canadians measure distances from one city to another in:
kilometres (like England)
miles (like the United States)
If you step off a plane in Toronto, Ontario and you need to go to Vancouver, British Columbia, you have a train ride of:
4 hours
3 days and 7 hours
24 hours
Which animal is an official emblem of Canada?
the bear
the squirrel
the beaver
How many oceans surround Canada?
Most Canadians live within how many kilometres of the country’s southern border with the United States?
300 kilometres
450 kilometres
10 kilometres
What does the name of Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, mean?
“our land” in the Inuktitut language
“land of bounty” in French
Nothing. It’s an invented word.
Where was the coldest temperature ever in Canada recorded?
at Yellowknife, NWT on December 28, 1952. The temperature was -53°C.
at Snag, Yukon on February 3, 1947. The temperature was -63°C.
at Québec City, Québec on January 2, 1978. The temperature was -33°C.
Which Canadian singer was the first to sell one million albums in Canada?
Bryan Adams with Reckless in 1985.
Alanis Morisette with Jagged Little Pill in 1995.
Nelly Furtado with Whoa, Nelly! in 2001.
The head of the Canadian federal government is the:
Queen of England
Prime Minister
How many time zones does Canada have?