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How Do I Choose a Canadian School?
Some questions you may want to ask potential schools, universities or colleges:

How many international students are enrolled at the school?
Are there any international student clubs and is there an international student centre where I can meet other students or go for assistance if I need it?
What is the student-to-faculty ratio? In other words, will my class size be large or small?
Does the university have mostly an undergraduate program focus or does it offer full Masters and Doctoral programs as well?
Is there a policy of ensuring that international students have a room in an on-campus residence in their first year of study or must students apply for housing on a first come, first served basis?
What is the vacancy rate for off-campus housing and how early should students arrive in Canada in order to find a place to live?
At the secondary school level, does the school arrange for “homestay,” that is, lodging with a Canadian family?

10 Examples of Things You May Need Before Coming to Study in Canada:

A good work ethic and eagerness to learn
A positive attitude
Your visa and other paperwork
A warm winter coat and pair of boots
Someone to meet you at the airport and/or a good idea of where you are going and how you will get there
An open mind
Calling cards to call home in case it takes a few days to set up a phone line
Your imagination, creativity and excitement
A dictionary for those whose native language is not English
A smile