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Let’s face it. When you go looking for a study abroad destination, you have a multitude of options available to you.

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But let’s say you want to get your education in a country of diversity like no other.

You want to be with people of numerous cultural and racial backgrounds.

You want both wilderness and skyscrapers.

You want educational choices, beginning with either French or English as the language of instruction, through to literally hundreds of specializations from aerospace engineering to zoology.

You want to pick from among institutions that enroll 1,000 students and 60,000 students, with every size in between.

You want to live in a cosmopolitan city, but it has to be close to a large park where you can ski, swim, canoe, hike and bike; or you want to live in a small town that is only a short train ride to a big city, where you can see an award-winning stage musical or a big league hockey or baseball game.

If you want diversity in your study abroad destination, then Canada is your pick.

If you’re interested in Canadian study opportunities, but you’re confused and need a little guidance, read on.

This web site holds a wealth of information and insights for your benefit.